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FACES is the not-for-profit association that is working to open an Autism School for Perth.

We believe that every child has a fundamental right to an education. FACES is working to open an Autism School, located in the capital city of Perth, Western Australia, which will offer another choice in education for autistic children, their families and teaching and allied health professionals.

We aim to enable autistic children to develop the skills they need to reach their full potential, and to educate the wider community about Autism Spectrum Disorder.


1. Every child has a fundamental right to an education

2. Mainstream schooling is not providing that right for every child with autism

3. Families deserve choice in the education of their child with autism; an Autism Specific School provides this.



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Calls mount for specialist autism school in Perth

Parents desperate for more help for kids diagnosed with autism are ramping up their push for a specialist autism school in Perth....

At an open day for the group Furthering Autistic Children’s Education and Schooling (FACES), founder and chairperson Emily Pearce on Monday said autism was the fastest growing disability in Australia, making up 31 per cent of all disabilities...

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After hearing about the success of specific autism schools in other states, Ms Pearce and a small group of parents whose autistic children were also struggling with schooling, decided it was time for WA to follow suit....

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