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Furthering Autistic Children’s Education and Schooling (FACES) is a not-for-profit organisation that was started by a group of parents whose autistic children were struggling with the current schooling options. Western Australia is the only state in Australia without an Autism Specific School and whilst mainstream schooling is often ideal, it is not always the best option for some autistic children.

AUTISM is the fastest growing disability in Australia and makes up over 30% of all disabilities. Internationally around 1 in 68 children are now diagnosed with Autism making it likely that there is an autistic student in almost every classroom in Australia. Through no fault of their own, teachers often lack the training, time and resources to adequately support the needs of many autistic students. As a result many students needs are not met.


Autistic students have the worst educational outcomes of any student with a disability with almost all facing difficulties with their education. Unfortunately, negative school experiences are all too common; anxiety, depression, trauma and self-harm are common and residual effects can last into adulthood. FACES is looking to remedy the situation by providing an alternative schooling option for autistic children and to become an integral part of the education solution for autism families.

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FACES will deliver evidence based, high quality education that caters specifically for the individuals needs in all areas of education including academics, social skill development and emotional regulation; all skills that are essential for a child to be successful in school, home and the wider community. FACES also understands the importance of educating the wider community, in particular the teaching profession about Autism and how to help them access the same opportunities as their peers.

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