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Cindy’s relevant experience include Behavioural Therapist for children with challenging be

Dr. Cindy Smith

Dr. Cindy Smith from Curtin University, lectures in the area of Educational Psychology and has previous experience as a Special Education Teacher specialising in children with behavioural disorders. She has also served as a behavioural specialist, supporting children, families, and schools for success in educational and community settings. Before her current appointment at Curtin University, Cindy worked in universities in the United States and the Middle East to assist with the development of programs to train special education teachers.


Cindy's research interest includes mentoring as an intervention for adolescents at high risk, autism, teacher development, and women's studies.

Regina Ledo

Regina Ledo is a psychologist with over 25 years experience working with individuals with autism and their families. She currently works in private practice but developed her skills at the Princeton Child Development Institute (PCDI), a world-renowned organization that delivers the highest quality, evidence-based services to children and adults with autism. Regina spent 13 years at PCDI, initially working in the Institute’s early intervention and school aged programs, delivering early intensive behavioural intervention services to children and later worked with young adults with autism.

Regina has extensive knowledge of current best practice in autism intervention and diagnosis, particularly the science of applied behaviour analysis, in keeping with the professional literature of the field. She is also highly skilled at designing instructional curriculum, implementing individualised instructional and behavioural programs, and evaluating these protocols.

Regina has served on the Board of the Western Australian Autism Diagnosticians Forum for 2 years and has extensive experience in sharing my knowledge and expertise via didactic training opportunities, regularly conducting professional learning, conference presentations and university lectures. She is passionate about providing the best possible services to individuals with autism in order to make a significant and meaningful difference to their lives.

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